Automating LVM Partition using Python-Script.


I created a Menu for the user to choose according to it .



I have taken help of if-else statement for the user to run whatever options he wants.


Now We are ready to use this menu on LVM partition.

First I attached a external storage device of 20 GB.

Checking Device name to the external storage I attached .

Checking device name.

By pressing 1 I created a Physical volume .

Creating a Physical Volume

Next I created a Volume Group by choosing option 2 .

Creating a Volume Group

Then I created a logical volume .

Creating a logical Volume

I haven’t done option 4 as it is a combination of option 1,2,3 …,just added to new things on it is formatting and mounting .

Then I performed practical on Option 5.

Increasing the size of Logical Volume .

Again I haven’t performed practical on option 6 as it is same as option 5.


For any query or suggestions dm me on my LinkedIn.





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